Periodic Service

This is the first recommended checkup maintenance. This service helps with the general condition of your equipment.

The Periodic Service includes the following

  • Inspect the general condition of your equipment, including oil leaks and the cleanliness of compressor assembly unit.


  • Inspect and replace inlet filter(s) as required.


  • Check lube oil level.


  • Verify all 4-20 mA current loops are operating properly (as indicated on your transmitter monitor page).


  • Verify surge detection unit operates properly.


  • Inspect inlet filters and silencer for cleanliness and general condition.
  • Verify that discharge check valve operates properly to prevent backflows.


  • Verify proper operation of blow-off and butterfly valves.


  • Inspect control arm(s) of variable control vanes for slippage.


  • Calibrate inlet guide vane and variable diffuser vane operating span.


  • Inspect all mechanical and electrical connections are secure (up to discharge cone).
  • Check coupling alignment and outer blades of disc-pack for distortion and/or fatigue cracks.


  • Verify that discharge expansion joint alignment and allowable flange loading is not exceeded.


  • Test limit switches.


  • Visual inspection of the motor.


  • Inspection report.

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