Major Service

Air-end & Gearbox Maintenance 

This service takes place at approximately 36,000-50,000 hours of service, or sooner if site conditions dictate. Thereafter, service is based on oil analysis, site and blower condition, and operation of mechanisms.

Major Service includes a repeat of Minor Service, plus the following:

  • Provide recommendations for corrections of unusual findings and future services in a report


  • Replace flexible seals (O-rings)


  • Visually inspect electric motor, oil pump, oil cooler, coupling, valves, etc.
  • Inspect gearwheels, bearings & seals and check clearances, adjust clearances as required


  • Dismantle gearbox


  • Reassemble gearbox

Your estimated service time from BCV Systems includes 6 to 8 days per unit, assuming one (1) local helper and crane facilities.

For more information about Major Services, please contact a representative from BCV Systems today.