Minor Service

Air-End Maintenance 

This service takes place at approximately 18,000 hours of service, or sooner if site conditions dictate. Thereafter, service is based on oil analysis, site and blower condition, and operation of mechanisms.

Minor Service includes a repeat of the Periodic Service, plus the following:

  • Dismantle compressor air-end.


  • Remove gearbox access covers for visual observation of internal condition.


  • Inspect and clean variable vane system.


  • Check variable vane geometry.
  • Check axial movement on high and low-end shafts.


  • Check unit alignment before re-start as required.


  • Provide recommendations for corrections of unusual findings and future services in a report.

Your estimated service time from BCV Systems includes 4 to 6 days per unit, assuming one (1) local helper and crane facilities.

For more information about Minor Service please contact a representative from BCV Systems today.